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Saving Our Sweethearts

Saving Our Sweethearts (S.O.S.) was designed with the sole purpose to help our young women remember and retain their self-worth. Our young women are in a constant battle to have a chance to grow up enjoy adolescence. We recognized that with social media, bullying peer-pressure that our young women were losing their identities.

Identity Theft is one of the hallmarks of the S.O.S. program, encouraging our young women to renew and grow their self-confidence through positive reinforcement. We want them to learn to love themselves so that they can become the best image of themselves. We know that Identity Theft is a major issue around the country where criminals are stealing and obtaining the identities of good citizens and likewise we feel like that is what's happening to our young women. Where people are preying on them and encouraging them to make unwise decisions. We hope to reach them before their decisions become life altering!!