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Hall County is a County in Georgia that had total population of 139,277 in 2000 according to the US Census. Hall County ranks 3rd highest on Percent foreign born population of any County in Georgia. It ranks 3rd highest on Pct. Hispanic/Latino population. It has the highest Pct. housing units that are severely overcrowded. It has the 3rd highest Pct. housing units that are overcrowded. Currently, about 7% of all households in Hall County are headed by single mothers and 13% live in poverty. Nearly, 40% are unemployed.

The most populous Places within Hall County, GA:  Gainesville (25,454), Buford (10,708), Oakwood (2,655), Flowery Branch (1,800) and Lula (1,569).

In 2016, Out Of The Rain restructured by adding a new board of directors and embarking upon a five year strategic plan to expand service to girls and single parents.  The mission continues to empower girls and women.  It has fulfilled its mission by providing emotional healing and to promote self-confidence in girls and women by offering empowerment conferences and group discussions in the community. Now, the organizations seeks to strengthen and expand services by offering courses, job training and career development, and entrepreneurship support to help girls understand and develop options for a brighter future; and help single mothers achieve financial success for themselves and their families.

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with  in developing a curriculum that is unique for the women we serve. We will serve women in transition who are single parents and represent various ethnic groups and including immigrants, Hispanics, African-Americans and Caucasian women.