"He who loves is He who gives is He who helps."  

-Donna Jackson


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September 2009 – Out of the Rain is founded in Hall County to help with at-risk youth.


Spring 2011 – Launched INSPIRE - Single Mothers at New Zion Christian Church to help encourage single parents. 


Fall 2013 – Launched INSPIRE - Young Ladies to help encourage and nurture at-risk youth.


 Fall 2014  - Launched Saving Our Sweethearts to help with young women who were losing their identity of self worth. 

Spring 2015 - First conference for Saving Our Sweethearts was held at the Fair St. Center in Gainsville, Ga. (Parks and Recreation).

Summer 2016 - Second conference for Saving Our Sweethears was held at New Zion Christian church.

Summer 2016 - Started hosting group sessions for the the INSPIRE - Young Ladies program at the Boys & Girls Club - Gainsville, Ga. (Extended for school year)

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To have a love for you  is to believe in the beauty that God created.  

-Donna Jackson


Donna Jackson is  an author, motivational speaker, counselor, and minister. But her most important role is Mother. She hold a bachelors degree in Business Management with a concentration in Health Care Management. 

Her passion to help others led her to start Out of The Rain, Inc. - in 2009 - a 501c3 organization dedicated to serving our most at-risk girls and women by providing them hope and opportunities to overcome challenges and become self-sufficient, contributing members of our society.

Donna is the author of two books: ​The Strength That Lies in A Single Parent and I Never Found Love But Love Found Me. Both books were written to inspire personal and spiritual growth.


Mrs. Donna Jackson


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Out of the Rain enjoys broad local support and we love supporting our communities.

 As  an individual, you can't know who,what or where you are in life until you first discover you as He (God) sees you.

​-Donna Jackson

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